Saturday, 25 October 2014


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Sign in to your Zaala account.
Buy coins using mobile money and start betting.
Choose an opponent
Challenge your opponent by choosing a number for example, assuming that numbers are 1,2 & 3.
Choose one of the numbers, if your opponents gets that number right, they walk away with  20/=, if he/she misses out on the number,you gain it.
Just simple like that.
Think about this and stop grumbling about poverty.
Are you broke?, Zaala is the way to go.
I assure you with Zaala, you are going to be rich!
Good luck!


Zaala is played by two people challenging each other.
First of all, for one to play the game, they must have an account with Zaala.
This helps them to sign in and access the game.
Wow! How would it be if you came with 1000/= and went away with a million shillings?  Isn't that amazing? I think so what of you? 

Have you ever had an idea that all this could be yours?


This is where you go to try your luck and win sums of money.
Zaala like any other business requires you to take up a risk, try your luck and if lucky, you win whereas the other party loses,
When you lose for the first time, that's not the end of the world, you can try several times and i can assure you that you can win!
 At Zaala, we believe in winning.